What We Do: 

Our services are designed to fit individual needs as well as large clientele base. We provide the following services dependent on who and what our client needs are: 

  • Life Care Planning: whether the disability involves injury, birth defect, combined age induced decline, or following a sudden change in life due to stroke, accidental injury, and the like.
  • Case Management services: Continuum of care, preventive, and optimal well being as well as access to care.
  • Care management and life care planning for Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and other life-altering events.
  • Patient Advocacy and Representation: whether such services involve access to care, or making difficult health care decisions, we'll work on servicing you and your loved ones with the best choices possible. (DPOA, Advanced Directives, and conservator ship/guardianship included).
  • Consults: inclusive of organizational operations revamp.
  • Interim Management and team building whether you are starting a department or revamping one with a focus on utilization management (UM), & Case Management (CM). Short assignments for up to 6 months are accepted.
  • Mentorship: whether you are starting your career, changing careers or specialties, or seeking to do better, we can assist.
  • Presentations, Lectures, mentoring, coaching, or training.
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